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Tips and Tricks for Newcomers to Online Slots in Sri Lanka - Spin to Win

Select your Favourite Slot Themes to Play your game confidently

When you start to play online slot games you can find different themes in our platform. Those themes are inspired by nature, Sports, Celebrities, and many more. Those user-friendly themes help to players to play the game more confident. Whether you are new to casinos, it is a best idea to pick a slot with theme which you are most interesting or familiar.

Why is selecting a preferred theme important? Well, it adds a fun factor even before player start to play the game. And the confident with familiar theme. So, our first tip for casino beginners is to choose a game with better theme. It’s all about keeping the excitement alive throughout your gaming session.

Choose Games with High RTP (Return to Player) Percentages

RTP or Return to Player is a percentage that gives you that an idea of winning probability.  Games with high in RTP percentages are considered as to play well. So, it is a good idea for players to select those games.

Players love online slots because they like to win big during their gaming session. Slots are the most profitable casino games in the casino industry because it makes more money. To increase your chances, it’s essential to choose games which have high RTP percentages.

Always Keep in mind that the average RTP mark is around 95%. Slots with below these percentage not great for payouts. the lower the RTP, the decrease your chance of winning. And the other side slots with above 95% increases your chances of winning.

Consider the Slot Volatility/Variance

When we talking about Volatility/Variance of Slot there are there are three different categories. Low, Medium and High. Each categories represent different meaning. So, players have to consider about Volatility level before selecting a Game.

Low Volatility slots are cool and gives players a win quite often. You’ll be landing winning combinations frequently if you play these games, but they’re not really big. Now other one is high volatility slots. They don’t give wins very often. You might go through several spins without getting a winning. But when you hit a win, it will be a big one.

Medium volatility slots fall somewhere in between. They’re, well, medium in everything. You get a decent chance of winning, and the payouts are okay – not too big, not too small.

Now the Choice is yours. Which one you are selecting Low, medium or high. However, I am suggesting to select Medium when you are a newcomer.

Give more priority to Jackpot Games.

Jackpot games can be either fixed Jackpot or progressive Jackpot. Fixed jackpots always have the same prize, while progressive jackpots keep getting bigger with every spin. The prize only goes back down when someone wins the jackpot, and then it starts growing again. Playing jackpot games is great because, besides regular prizes, you can also aim for the jackpot and win big.