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The Most Popular Lotteries in Sri Lanka

Lotteries have become a popular form of entertainment and financial opportunity in Sri Lanka, providing exciting prospects and the potential for life-changing winnings. Sri Lanka’s lottery system features various games, each designed to cater to different interests and aspirations. This article explores the most popular lotteries in Sri Lanka and their historical context.

There are two main organizations responsible for issuing lottery tickets in Sri Lanka: the National Lottery Board and the Development Lottery Board. The government’s involvement in the lottery industry began in 1949 when Mr. S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike, the then Minister of Local Government and Health, proposed creating a lottery to support the health sector. This idea came to fruition in 1955, thanks to a proposal by Mr. E.A. Nugawela, who was the first Minister of Education after Sri Lanka’s independence in 1954 and later became the Minister of Health.

History of Lottery in Sri Lanka

  • 1955: Hospital Lottery was established under Finance Act No. 4 of 1955.
  • 1963: The National Lottery Board (NLB) was established under the Finance Act No. 11 of 1963.
  • 1964: The first draw of the National Lottery took place on 20 February 1964 at Independence Square, Colombo. This event marked the beginning of a new journey for the Lottery Institute. The National Lottery quickly became popular among the masses.
  • 1967: As the activities of the National Lottery Board grew, there was a need to establish branch offices across the country. The first branch office was opened in 1967 in Ratnapura.
  • 1969: People were eager to try their luck at the lottery, which led to demand for a new game. In response, the National Resource Lottery was launched in 1969 to meet this growing interest.
  • 1970: On July 28, 1970, the National Resource Lottery was renamed as the People’s Resource Lottery.
  • 1987: The Super National Lottery was introduced on 11 April 1987.
  • 1988: Lotto lottery was introduced in September 1988. The first draw of the People’s Fund was telecast on 10 May 1988.
  • 1992: Airport Super Draw Lottery introduced.
  • 1994: Vasana Sampath lottery was introduced.
  • 1995: The Farm Lottery was introduced.
  • 1996: Samurdhi Lottery was introduced.
  • 1997: Shrama Vasana Lottery was introduced. Merger of Shadow Lottery with NLB.
  • 1999: Super Luck Lottery was introduced.
  • 2000: Jayaviru Lottery was introduced.
  • 2004: Sarana Lottery was launched to raise funds for tsunami victims and Welfare and Provident Funds were created to benefit employees.
  • 2006: Suvasetha Lottery was launched to replace the discontinued Lotto Lottery and the biggest super prize ever from Public Resource Lottery was Rs. 61.3 million.
  • 2007: The new Airport Lottery was introduced and the price of an Airport Super Draw lottery ticket was raised from US$25 to US$50.
  • 2010: National Resource Lottery was launched to replace Shrama Vasana and Suvasetha Lottery. Additionally, the Public Resource Lottery was extended to include Sundays.
  • 2012: A new lottery called Sampath Rekha was introduced.
  • 2014: A new lottery called Power Lotto was introduced.
  • 2015: “Diffusion” insurance scheme for lottery sellers implemented (June 2015)
  • 2019: A new lottery called Daru Diri Sampatha was introduced.

Sri Lanka’s most popular lottery Boards

National Lottery Board (NLB)

The Sri Lanka National Lottery Board stands as a pioneering institution in public investment, driven by a vision of promoting socio-economic development through broad community participation. Its mission is to be a socially responsible and respectable organization committed to contributing to a prosperous nation. With a dedicated and skilled staff, the board aims to earn the trust of its customers by fulfilling their aspirations through innovative lottery solutions utilizing the latest technology. This approach not only supports the National Lottery Board’s financial ambitions but also upholds social responsibility.


“The leader in creating public investment through the contribution of every segment of the population for the socio-economic development of the entire island”


“We are a proud organization that is gaining customer trust with a focus on social responsibility, introducing innovative lottery methods using modern technology to confirm their winnings, and traveling with a talented and dedicated staff for a wonderful land”

Lottery tickets introduced by the National Lottery Board (NLB),

  • Mahajana sampatha
  • GoviSetha
  • Mega power
  • Dhana nidhanaya
  • Handahana
  • Lucky 7
  • Ada Sampatha

Development Lottery Board (DLB)

Established on 19th January 1983, the Sri Lanka Development Lottery Board (DLB) has been a beacon of hope and financial opportunity for the past 40 years. The DLB was created to strengthen the financial base of the President’s Fund, with an initial investment of Rs 2.2 million each from the President’s Fund and the Mahapola Trust Fund. Known as the only public institution to pay dividends to the President’s Fund, DLB has made a significant impact in uplifting the education and health sectors in particular, giving real value to Sri Lankans’ lottery spending.

DLB introduced instant lotteries in 1983 and was the first in the industry to conduct televised draws with the launch of Shanida Vasana Lottery in 1987. In 1998 Development Vasanas (now Lagna Vasanas) introduced in 1998 featured Raashi symbols.


“Sri Lanka’s Leading Fortune Generating Public Unit.”


“Conducting new creative and exciting lotteries using state-of-the-art technology while maintaining reliability and exceeding the expectations of punters at all times.”

Lottery tickets introduced by the Development Lottery Board (DLB),

  • Ada Kotipathi
  • Lagna Wasana
  • Super Ball
  • Shanida
  • Kapruka
  • Supiri Dhana Sampatha
  • Jayoda
  • Sasiri
  • Development Fortune
Lottery Balls

The traditional lottery has become more popular among the public because it is very simple and easily accessible. Lottery has the potential to make you an overnight millionaire by buying a ticket and winning a huge jackpot. The lottery often funds community projects.

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